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Best SUV – Selection Tips And Advice

An SUV (a.k.a. Sport Utility Vehicle) is usually built on a light truck chassis and outfitted with a 4-wheel drive (4WD). Early SUVs designs were devised from military vehicles used in World War II. SUVs became one of the favorable vehicles during 1990’s and early 2000’s mainly because of their off-road capabilities.

Other SUV types have towing capability just like a pickup truck along with a passenger space similar to a large sedan or minivan. These were popular in the U.S., Australia, and Canada. Before buying an SUV, you need to read several best SUV reviews found on the Internet to help you choose the right SUV that’s suitable for your lifestyle and budget. (we provide useful information to help you out)

An SUV is a must-have vehicle if you’re looking for more spacious passenger seating features with exceptional safety featured specs. However, it is your topmost priority to be careful in choosing a suitable type of SUV for you since a car is an expensive investment. You don’t want to spend huge amount of money and end up choosing the wrong one. It would definitely wipe you out and put you in an unfavorable situation.

Hence, you need to keep in mind several important considerations like each SUV brand’s interior and exterior specs, various prices, fuel consumption features as well as advantages and disadvantages. Compact SUVs are small SUV types which became a substitute to the minivans for most families needing cargo space. However, you shouldn’t be puzzled in comparing this type with mini SUV because they are completely different with each other. Even though some of the SUV reviews you come across may have similarities.

Importance of Selecting an SUV Wisely

The current best compact SUVs are crossover SUVs but with restricted off-road capabilities. A small car is less popular as compared to an SUV since it’s mainly sold only to entice young buyers with economical options but with limited benefits and specs. Alternatively, the introduction of the best full size SUVs on the market opens another opportunity since these provide more towing capabilities as compared to the conventional ones.

In addition, this type offers three-row seating and effective to use in climates having profound snowfall due to its precise ground clearance. SUVs have evolved throughout the years and open an era for the best luxury SUV. Manufacturers give way on selling fancier auto vehicles offering great performance, comfort, and a bit of a stylish type of sedan. The Luxury SUV class offers exceptional cargo capability with the safest featured specs like side airbags, crash resistant door pillars, vibrant head restraints and many more. You will learn a lot more as you continue to read more SUV reviews.

Best Rated SUV With Great Affordability:

According to , ranking of compact SUVs and crossovers having cost-effective price under $25,000 is based on deep analysis by several U.S. News editors for all published auto ratings, test drives and reviews.

The Best SUV for the Money 2011 Brands Include:

Toyota Model RAV4

Toyota Model RAV4

This brand ranks number one as the most affordable compact SUV. According to experts, the RAV4 2011 is one of the most cost-effective, handy, and family-friendly cars you can purchase. Although interior specs provide cheap illustration, this brand still remains on top because of other outstanding features like robust engine and seven-seating capacity. As you can see it is importan to have an SUV comparison before making a final purchase.

In fact, several websites have provided positive feedbacks like stating RAV4 as “being spacious, comfortable, and handy to drive”, “has the most powerful engine in terms of being an SUV class, and “the most versatile compact type of SUV”. National Average Price: $22,608 – $28,824

Subaru Forester Model

Subaru Forester Model

This brand ranks number six out of the 23 most affordable SUVs. Forester has a conventional all-wheel drive (AWD) with minimum base price thereby, making it as one of the best buy SUV for the money in terms of its class.

This is convenient for drivers who usually come across foul weather. Experts online provide positive feedbacks like stating Forester as “the most sophisticated compact SUV”, “has roomy interior while providing a cool driving experience” and “has sporty handling with comfy ride experience”. National Average Price:$20,211 – $29,243

Nissan Xterra Year

Nissan Xterra Year

This vehicle ranks number thirteen out of the 23 most affordable SUVs. The Xterra 2011 is designed for a muddy ride experience since this is a perfect choice for off-roads. Although it doesn’t provide comfort, still this brand of car will surely come in relatively handy for lots of on-the-go action. Its versatility and robustness will provide you a long ride anywhere you want to go. Indeed, one of the best SUVs on the market today. National Average Price: $24,128 – $30,471

Which Is The Most Inexpensive Best Large SUV?

Best Large SUV

The Honda Pilot 2011 is a great family-oriented vehicle since it can endure all kinds of weather. It also offers a comfortable ride and robust V6 engine with exceptional gas mileage for long years of usage. Safety features are one of the outstanding specifications for the Pilot 2011.

It offers 3-point seatbelts plus multipurpose add-ons for a fun and comfy travel experience especially during holidays and outings. The Pilot 2011 under Honda also earned a lot of constructive views coming from the experts and critics like being “the most wanted SUV”, the best large SUV from 2003 until the present”, and “the best value of the year” according to Intelli Choice.

Finding The Best Used SUV As An Alternative

If you don’t have a budget yet and you’re quite eager to buy your own SUV, you may consider buying a used SUV. There are several advantages and disadvantages when you decide to buy a used one, which is why you need to do a lot of research to avoid making mistakes. There are many things you must keep in mind to ensure the best deal for used cars like the vehicle condition, gas mileage and functionality. Make sure you make the right SUV comparison before making a decision.

The Best SUVs For 2012

Acura MDX BMW X5 GMC Terrain Honda Pilot Lexus GX 460 Nissan Armada Subaru Forester Toyota Highlander Kia Sportage Jeep Compass

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Best Types Of SUVs

7 Passenger SUV

      7 Passenger SUV


 Isuzu Ascender

   Ford Freestyle    Honda Pilot


Compact SUV

         Compact SUV 

   Honda CRV    Kia Sportage    Toyota RAV4

Crossover SUV

       Crossover SUV

   Ford Edge    Mazda CX-9    Nissan Murano Fuel Efficient SUV

     Fuel Efficient SUV

   Mazda Tribute    Jeep Compass    Saturn Vue


Hybrid SUV

            Hybrid SUV 

   Mercury Mariner    Ford Escape    Toyota Highlander

Luxury SUV

           Luxury SUV

   Audi Q5    Lexus GX 460    BMW X5 Mid Size SUV

          Mid Size SUV

   GMC Acadia    Saturn Outlook    Buick Enclave


Mini SUV

              Mini SUV 

   Mini Cooper    Jeep Wrangler    Suzuki Vitara

Small SUV

              Small SUV

   Nissan Rogue    Toyota RAV4    Mazda CX-5






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